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Sex Therapy




Reclaiming Sexuality

Reclaiming Your happiness

Reclaiming yourself

One step at a time!

Sex can be glorious!

Truly making love to a beloved partner is a learned art. We tend to think that good sex should come naturally and without any effort but a mature sexual relationship requires consistent, focused and loving attention. This is not something that most of us learned growing up!

Sex can be confusing!

  • Why do I feel the way I do and make the sexual choices I do?

  • How do I stop myself (or a loved one) from using sex destructively and hurting myself and the people I love?

  • What do I do if someone I love is hurting me with their sexual behavior?

  • Is sex about humiliation and shame?
    Or love, trust and openness?

  • Why do I have low/no Desire?

  • What causes my difficulties attaining/maintaining an erection?

  • Are you troubled by premature or delayed ejaculation?

  • Do you lack of sexual confidence?

  • Are you questioning your Gender identity?

Sex can be painful

Either physically or psychologically.

  • Is the aftermath of abuse and trauma interfering with your life including sexual problems?

  • Are You or Someone You Love Struggling with Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction?

  • Are you experiencing pain on penetration?


If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these concerns Sex Therapy can help! The goal of sex therapy is to resolve sexual problems and sexual dysfunctions so you can enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of healthy sexuality!

I am an experienced Sex Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the expertise, clinical training and specialized credentials to help you and your loved ones face the difficult and even devastating problems associated with sexual difficulties.

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