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Individual Therapy 

Are Life's challenges getting you down?

Do you find it difficult to trust others?

Do you feel guilty without knowing why?

Do you experience…

Self-blame, self-consciousness, or shame? Chronic or excessive anger, sadness ...Indecisiveness, confusion, hard to think ...Worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking, unpleasant feelings, mood swings, Negativity, pessimism, irritability


Whole- person psychotherapy can help!

We are integrated beings that must pay attention to all of our parts if we are to have a balanced, joy-filled life. I use specific strategies that incorporate thoughts, emotions, spirit and body to help you resolve your concerns, increase your resilience and options and decrease the depressed and anxious thinking that impairs your ability to be who you want to be as a partner, parent, friend.

Imagine only putting gas in your car and never changing the oil, putting on new tires or washing the windows, eventually you'd run into problems. Yet many of our traditional healing practices do just that, focus on only one part to the exclusion of the others.

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