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Childhood Trauma Therapy 

  • Do you have difficulty controlling Your emotions?

  • Do you avoid close relationships because they seem more difficult for you than others?

  • Do you have feelings that you are completely different from everyone else??

These as well as many others are symptoms of Childhood or Complex PTSD.

C-PTSD is a set of learned responses to repeated neglect of ones emotional, social and/or physical needs which results in a failure to complete important developmental tasks. 

"My childhood wasn't all that bad others have had it a lot worse. How could I have C-PTSD?"

I have heard this many times in my practice. Let's Talk!

Understanding ourselves as adults often means revisiting our childhoods. When you take your ACE test, or adverse childhood experience test, it helps you do that. The ACE test asks 10 questions, and at the end we will provide you with your score and information on what it may mean for you. Take your ACE test now. Click the button below.

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