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Purple Buds

Welcome to the first step on your journey to wellness!

Renew, Recover, Revitalize! 

Individual Counseling For Mood Disorders, Addiction, Sex/Relationship Challenges, Improving Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence & More.

 In the process of your healing journey, I will utilize effective and unique whole-person perspective therapy to facilitate you taking control of your life. We work together to release unwanted patterns/beliefs, sabotaging habits, and unresolved old feelings that are in the way of your 

Personal Power, Self-Acceptance, and Success! 

Often times as we travel the road of life we encounter the unexpected. Sometimes it feels like a rock in the road, sometimes it feels like a speed bump, and still others like a mountain. There are also the times when nothing specific is wrong, yet a lingering sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness permeate our lives. Our old ways of dealing with things just don't work anymore and we're not sure why. That's when we need a cheerleader, a coach, a certified sex therapist.


I see myself as your partner in the process of discovering you and how to live the highest vision of the highest version of you. You are the expert on your life. I am the expert outside observer with a bag of tools to help you live the fullest, happiest, most joyful life you desire.

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