What is my philosophy on therapy?

I believe that therapy is as much of an art as it is a science. I also love shoes and think that a good therapist is like a good pair of shoes. It's not enough to just look good on paper, the fit must also be good to get the most use out of it!

The nuances of spirit, beliefs, culture, genetics, family, and perception make each of us an individual unlike any other person on the planet, even if you are a twin! It boggles my mind to think we each have 86 billion neurons, and perhaps twice as many non-neuronal cells in our brain that are all working to make us... well, us. And, while the brain functions 100% of the time we are only consciously aware of about 10% (I read a recent research article that claimed it's only 5%). It's the other, unconscious 90% that motivates our behavior, influences our perception, and informs how we move through our world. We have rules, beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions that we created and stored there, that have been firmly in place since before we were 5 years old! Imagine that something you learned/believed when you were 2 is running your life. Walking, talking, and feeding yourself are good examples of these and these are the good ones. There are as many, if not more, that are not so useful and in fact may sabotage us. I have been frustrated, angry, scared, fascinated by, and in awe of some of the things my unconscious has caused me to do! As a result, I have read, studied, reached out to mentors (and yes, even therapists) in my continuing effort to live fully, compassionately, lovingly, and authentically.

There is a co-creative process that happens between the client and myself as we work to uncover the unconscious motivations for life not going as planned. It is much the same as that of an anthropologist gently clearing and cleaning away the accumulated layers of life to uncover the treasures underneath. As an artist and therapist, I have the unique ability to see the connections of the patterns that have led to where you are at this point in your life. I utilize my whole life experience as a nurse, spiritual seeker, woman, friend, and mother to partner with you on the journey of discovering what is in your subconscious that's motivating your recurring thoughts, emotions, and actions that no longer serve you. I've encountered many challenges throughout my life, and through trial and error, failure and success, as well as experience and theory, I cultivated practices that have facilitated change. I moved from surviving to thriving in my life and I can help the same thing happen in yours by incorporating verbal communication, expressive arts, and cognitive assignments to help individuals, couples, and families live their most loving, authentic, successful lives.

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